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Our MTB School offers a comprehensive and practical coaching approach to get you out riding natural trails safely and in the least time possible.

With all your techniques built from the ground up, starting from basic body positioning and going all the way to the main tech skills, like tight switch backs, manuals and bunny hops. The goal is to teach our clients the skills in the most efficient way possible and put them directly into practice on the most flow and natural trails of Pietra and Finale Ligure.

Our method also ensures that riders take from our classes the ability to keep practicing and progress on their own, making your skills stick for good!

For any kind of information do not hesitate to contact us HERE


Our instructors are ready to coach you on private or group lessons, to improve your skills and make the most out of your rides.


Two-Day Camps dedicated to teaching the MTB skills to express your style and comfortably ride any type of trail!

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